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02 - CCF - We Are The Bomb.mp3 16:33:090:03:05 96S44
Ccf - Fry Like A Criminal.mp3 1.502.05.03 22:11:360:02:07 96S44
Ccf - Fairies Wear Boots.mp3 4.602.05.24 23:01:31Unknown ArtistTrack 13Unknown Album (5/24/2002 4:37:490:06:30 96S44
01 - CCF - Red Sweater.mp3 1.603.04.11 16:32:360:02:19 96S44
CCF - Light The Fire.mp3 2.703.09.08 20:48:31CCFLight The Fire0:03:46 96S44
CCF.mp3 0.803.01.15 21:28:110:00:53128S44
Ccf.MP3 2.404.02.19 23:07:220:02:34128S44
Spot.mp3 1.602.03.25 20:10:15CCF Praise BandAudience Of 1 - Spot1999Audience Of 10:01:23160S44
20040602-harley-ccf.mp325.504.06.03 05:50:021:46:19 32S22
A319.mp312.404.06.14 03:22:37Pastor Terry DawsonYou're A Gift To The Church, N6/13/2004, CCF, Eu0:52:01 32M22
B306.mp316.304.06.25 16:45:10Pastor Terry DawsonThru The Bible Study, Numbers6/24/2004, CCF, Eug1:07:56 32M22
C96.mp3 9.904.06.22 23:00:02Pastor Terry DawsonA Tale Of Three Fathers, Psalm6/20/2004, CCF, Eug0:41:36 32M22
B305.mp318.804.06.22 23:44:26Pastor Terry DawsonNumbers 20-21, B3056/17/2004, CCF, Eug1:18:30 32M22
B305.mp318.804.07.07 16:56:12Pastor Terry DawsonNumbers 20-21, B3056/17/2004, CCF, Eug1:18:30 32M22
B306.mp316.304.07.07 16:59:40Pastor Terry DawsonThru The Bible Study, Numbers6/24/2004, CCF, Eug1:07:56 32M22
A321.mp310.004.07.07 16:52:18Pastor Terry DawsonMr. Baalam Goes To Church, Num7/4/2004, CCF, Euge0:41:59 32M22
A320.mp311.804.07.07 16:50:02Pastor Terry DawsonRegularity -- It's A Good Thin6/27/2004, CCF, Eug0:49:20 32M22
B307.mp317.804.07.07 17:03:20Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Numbers 25-29, B3077/1/2004, CCF, Euge1:14:22 32M22
A322.mp310.804.07.13 15:48:40Pastor Terry DawsonTake Refuge, Numbers 35, A3227/11/2004, CCF, Eu0:45:12 32M22
B308.mp317.704.07.09 16:05:38Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Numbers 30-31, B3087/8/04, CCF, Eugene1:13:51 32M22
20040630-harley-ccf.mp319.404.07.01 16:44:341:21:12 32S22
20040728-charlie-ccf.mp321.904.07.29 22:37:031:31:24 32S22
B311.mp318.904.07.30 22:40:36Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Deuteronomy 1-2, B3117/29/2004, CCF, Eu1:19:08 32M22
B309.mp318.204.07.17 18:03:38Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Numbers 32-34, B3097/15/2004, CCF, Eu1:16:05 32M22
A325.mp311.204.08.02 00:48:20Pastor Terry DawsonSuccessful Living, Deuteronomy8/1/2004, CCF, Eug0:46:54 32M22
A323.mp312.304.07.20 16:22:58Pastor Terry DawsonFinding Nebo, Numbers 33, A3237/18/04, CCF, Euge0:51:24 32M22
B310.mp315.804.07.24 19:41:30Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Numbers 35-36, B3107/22/04, CCF, Euge1:05:58 32M22
A324.mp313.204.07.27 15:54:30Pastor Terry DawsonBreak Camp And Advance, Deuter7/25/2004, CCF, Eu0:55:22 32M22
B313.mp317.004.08.13 22:36:10Pastor Terry DawsonDeuteronomy 5-6, B312, TTBS8/12/2004, CCF, Eu1:11:12 32M22
B315.mp317.304.08.28 17:16:18Pastor Terry DawsonDeuteronomy 6:17-9:29, B3158/26/2004, CCF, Eu1:12:11 32M22
A327.mp311.304.08.17 17:32:36Pastor Terry DawsonDon't Forget The Lord!, Deut.8/15/2004, CCF, Eu0:47:05 32M22
B312.mp319.904.08.11 16:44:44Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Deuteronomy 5:1-21, B3128/5/2004, CCF, Eug1:23:04 32M22
B314.mp318.004.08.20 18:09:54Pastor Terry DawsonDeuteronomy 6:1-7:16, B3148/18/2004, CCF, Eu1:15:15 32M22
A326.mp316.004.08.11 16:39:38Pastor Terry DawsonTen Later, Dueteronomy 5:1-21,8/8/2004, CCF, Eug1:06:40 32M22
A329.mp311.504.08.31 17:12:52Pastor Terry DawsonAll We Need Is Jesus, Deuteron8/29/2004, CCF, Eug0:47:56 32M22
A328.mp312.904.08.25 14:56:52Pastor Terry DawsonLittle By Little, Deuteronomy8/22/2004, CCF, Eu0:53:56 32M22
G12.mp311.704.09.08 15:39:44Pastor Graham CarmichaelGracious Law, John 8:2-119/5/2004, CCF, Eug0:49:03 32M22
B317.mp316.504.09.10 22:21:36Pastor Terry DawsonDeuteronomy 12-13, B3179/9/2004, CCF, Eug1:08:54 32M22
B316.mp317.004.09.07 18:41:56Pastor Terry DawsonTTBS, Dueteronomy 10-11, B3169/2/2004, CCF, Eug1:10:53 32M22

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